Paypal Releases New SDK for iOS to Make Mobile Shopping Even Easier

paypalPaypal has announced several new tools for developers, most notably a new iOS SDK that can be used by developers. This is exciting news for those of us who like to shop on our iDevices, because it means that soon, it will be even easier to use Paypal within apps.

Right now, when you make a purchase in an app like Zappos and choose to pay with Paypal, you are prompted to exit the app and enter mobile Safari or Paypal’s iOS app in order to complete the payment. It’s a bit of a hassle.

The new Paypal SDK will allow developers to build Paypal support directly into their apps, so you can check out and pay all without leaving the app, which will greatly simplify the process of making online payments.

Users can enter Paypal information in an app, or use, which is a super cool function that allows you to take a photo of a credit card number rather than having to enter the information in manually. Shopping is about to get a whole lot easier!

“Developers should have the freedom to focus on innovating for their customers, not spending time worrying about handling the complex task of payments,” says PayPal CTO James Barrese. “But we listened when our developers said they wanted better capabilities from us, and now we’re doubling down on our developer programs to deliver the best tools in the industry.”

Along with the new iOS SDK, Paypal has introduced new JavaScript PayPal buttons that can be implemented on websites with just a few lines of code. The company will also be releasing new code versions of its most popular APIs for payment processing, which means developers will have an easier time integrating Paypal into their apps in the future.

The new changes should being some significant improvements to end users when it comes to online shopping, along with allowing Paypal to better compete with other online payment options.

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