Users Still Prefer iPad for Web Browsing – 80% of all Web Traffic Done on iPad

Web Traffic in Feb. Chitika

Yesterday, Chitaka released a report showing that use of Android Tablets has increased in the past few months. After reading the statistics, it is strange that the research company’s headline didn’t read something more like, “What are Android tablet owners doing with their devices, sitting on them?”

Even though Android tablets saw a 0.3 percent increase in use while iOS tablets saw a 0.5 percent decrease in use from January to February, we are still talking about 80.5 percent of all Web traffic on tablets coming from iPad users, as opposed to a maximum of 8 percent of Web traffic from its next best competitor, the Kindle Fire.

I’m sorry. Why are market analysts saying that Apple is losing its hold on the tablet market? Doesn’t anyone see the disparity here?

Chitika’s research includes leading tablet devices in the month of February 2013. The company sampled “tens of millions” of U.S. and Canada ad impressions running through the company’s network. The data covers February 15 through 21 and is compared against Chitika’s December and January reports respectively.

Tablet Useage Change over Time Chitika

Based on the graphs provided by Chitika, Apple’s iPad lost some Web traffic between December and February. Tablet usage on iOS decreased by 6.7 percent from December until now. The Kindle Fire saw an increase that was nearly double its Web traffic from December through February. Bully for Amazon. It moved up from a scant 4.3 percent to a paltry 8 percent. Dang. I guess Apple had better do something quick before Amazon turns the iPad into a has-been (please be sure to add your own sarcastic tone to that sentence).

All of the analyst predictions and tech talk lately has had a negative tone that makes Apple look like it is going the way of the dinosaur by the end of 2013. I just don’t understand how these industry professionals are seeing things that way.


Would You Rather Eat This...?

Would You Rather Eat This…?

... Or This?

… Or This?


Imagine you are at a wedding and you are headed for the dessert table. Picture that there are a handful of sweet treats beautifully laid out. There is one, delectable looking red velvet cake with creamy, rich frosting. This cake only has two pieces left. Then, you look around to see the rest of the desserts on the table. There is some green Jello with one scoop missing. Maybe there is a plate of cookies with one bite taken out of a dry butter cookie. At the far corner, there is a dish of those chalky mints that someone may have taken one or two of to mask their garlic breath. Based on this imaginary display before you, do you think the red velvet cake is boring and old or would rather eat those chalky mints for dessert? I didn’t think so.

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