Amplify iPad Rear-Facing Speaker With Sabine – A Kickstarter Project

Cupping sound waves to amplify their volume is an old trick, but with Sabine (pronounced SUH-bīne — rhymes with time, not team), an iPad audio accessory, this ageless approach to better sound fits perfectly with the iPad’s modern sheen. Developer 7Decibels turned to Kickstarter to bring Sabine to the masses.

If this project looks familiar, it’s because it is reminiscent of the SoundBender, a funded Kickstarter project that is now on the market. There is one crucial difference between the two accessories, however. Sabine is milled from a single piece of aluminum, rather than plastic. 7Decibels chose to craft Sabine from aluminum rather than plastic not just because it looks sharp, but because metal offers six times more sound reflection than plastic.

Plastic or no, Sabine keeps a low profile once its on the iPad, which will appeal to users that don’t want to mess with the device’s clean lines.


Sabine will work with any generation full-sized iPad, but iPad mini owners shouldn’t fret — a mini Sabine is coming soon.

Sabine adheres to the iPad with a reusable adhesive that leaves no marks or residue on the device. How does it work? My best guess is either nanosuction or magic. Take your pick.

Although the early adopter awards have all been claimed, pledge $25 for one Sabine accessory, with an expected ship date of July 2013.

Interested backers need to pledge before the funding period ends on April 10, 2013.

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