Thieves Use Bear Spray to Get Their Hands on Apple’s Honey

bearsprayApple Store robberies are becoming an increasingly large issue for Apple as the company continues to grow in popularity. Those giant glass doors are a huge lure for potential burglars, who simply need to break the glass, run in, and grab a few thousand dollars worth of Apple loot. Did you know those snazzy glass doors cost upwards of $100,000?

Generally, robbers stick to heists after store hours because stores are empty and there are fewer people around meaning potential burglars are less likely to be caught, but on Monday night, three brazen criminals hit up the Oakridge Mall Apple Store in Vancouver, using bear spray to subdue both employees and other shoppers before running off with several different items.

For those of us who don’t live in bear country (like me) I’ll give you a rundown on bear spray. It’s basically pepper spray that’s designed to be used on attacking bears. It’s strictly prohibited for use against passive bears and passive humans, as well.

According to Vancouver police spokesman Brian Montague, bear spray is stronger than typical pepper spray and can last up to 45 minutes longer. Because it’s designed for bears, it can be ultra dangerous for people, especially those with lung problems. The spray, despite being near-deadly, is legal and sold in several outdoor shops in British Columbia, where bear encounters are probable. It is not legal to carry it in the city.

The three men who robbed the Apple Store hit just before 7 p.m., while 40 customers were in the store. Five customers were hit by the spray and treated at the scene by paramedics, and in the ensuing chaos, the robbers stole several items. Some of the products were later recovered, but the three men were not caught.

Apparently bear spray is a widespread problem in Vancouver. Police report that it has been used multiple times over the past year to commit robberies.

[via The Vancouver Sun]

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