Griffin MouthStick Helps iPad Owners Overcome Disabilities


Touchscreen devices have revolutionized computer technology, but for those that don’t have the ability to touch a screen, it has been little more than an interesting looking slab of metal and glass. Last week, Griffin announced the upcoming launch of a new stylus that will enable touch screen interaction for those with manual disabilities.

The MouthStick Stylus is a specially designed touchscreen stylus for those with fine motor impairments, to allow users the ability to interact with iPads, iPhones, and other devices, as well as external buttons, while providing stability and control while being held in the mouth.

“Everyone wants access to tablet technology,” says Melissa Lapsley, B2B Education & Assistive Technology Product Specialist at Griffin Technology. “With our MouthStick Stylus, we’re providing a customized tool that allows people with motor disabilities the ability to have complete control and access to modern-day technology.”

It has also been designed alongside doctors to be usable both for the touchscreen itself, and for manipulating the Home Button on the iPad, so users can have complete control over their tablet.

The innovative stylus is compatible with touchscreen interfaces, laptop keyboards, and Apple’s Magic Trackpad. It is perfectly balanced to be held comfortably in the mouth without causing any strain or discomfort, and is made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA and latex-free silicone rubber with a conductive rubber tip and adjustable aluminum gooseneck shaft.

The Griffin MouthStick Stylus will be available in the second quarter of 2013 for $29.99. Visit the company’s website to sign up for email updates on its official release.

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  • Tim David

    This should be a great companion to Assistive Touch on iOS devices.