Cognition is Both a Blessing and a Curse for Erica Reed – iPad App Review

Cognition LogoCognition is an episodic puzzle mystery where players use their own wits in collaboration with FBI agent Erica Reed’s supernatural intuition to unlock the secrets of a serial killer’s diabolical plan. Your goal is to save Reed’s brother from this sick genius’ deadly contraption before it is too late.

The game starts at a cemetery. Players must use what ever they have on them, or things they come across on their adventure, to get find Reed’s brother before he is murdered.

To move, tap the screen where you want to walk. You can run by double-tapping. To get a closer look at an object, tap on it and select from the options that appear. For example, if you tap on the statue, you’ll see a magnifying glass, a hand, and an inventory icon. You can either examine the statue closer, try to manipulate something on the statue with your bare hands (or pick something up if that is an option) or try to use something in your inventory with it.

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In each section of the game, players must figure out what to do next. Once you figure out how to get into the mausoleum, you’ll have to figure out how to free the killer’s victim. Some mysteries can only be solved when you’ve discovered the answer to another puzzle first.

To see all of the things you can interact with, touch and hold the screen. Things like statues, lever, and so on, will have a label next to it. To activate Erica’s intuition, touch the glowing globe in the bottom corner of the screen. Anything that she can see premonitions from will be glowing.

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The game is very suspenseful. Even the soundtrack lends itself to the eeriness and urgency that Erica faces when searching for her brother. The story is interesting and involving. There is a lot of cussing and violence, you won’t want your little ones playing this game, but it is great for the grownups.

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What I liked: The puzzles are challenging, but not too difficult to figure out. The plot of the story is riveting. The sound track is creepy and makes you want to hurry up and save the day.

What I didn’t like: The game loads slowly and I was unable to access my saved game at all. I had to start over from the beginning. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in an update because it makes me not want to play at all if it means having to start over each time.

To Buy or not to Buy: Fans of deep adventure mystery games will enjoy this epic journey. It is rated for 17 or older so don’t let your kids play it. I’d also try a sample save before you get too far. If you end up not being able to save your game, it will be frustrating for you later. You can try the game for free with the sample version, too.

  • Name: Cognition: Episode 1
  • Version Reviewed: 1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Phoenix Online Studios
  • Price: $3.99
  • Score:

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