American Red Cross Launches Safety App Ahead of Tornado Season

Tornado App

Tornado season is just around the corner and, for those living in “Tornado Alley,” you’re going to want plenty of warning, help, and safety advice as the winds kick up and the skies go dark. The American Red Cross recently launched a new app that will keep you informed and tell you how to survive another season.

Tornado by American Red Cross is a free app for iPhone and iPad that gives users instant access to local and real-time information on tornados so they are aware of what is to come. The app features a high-pitched siren and notification alert that signals when a NOAA tornado warning has been issued in their area. It also sends an “all clear!” alert when the warning has expired or has been canceled.

“The alerts in the Tornado App can save lives,” said Jim Judge, preparedness expert, member of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Committee and chair of its Preparedness Sub-Council. “Now, when a tornado warning is issued in the middle of the night, the siren alert can wake people up so they can head to a safe area. Users can even receive alerts when they are away from their loved ones or don’t have access to radio or TV.”

The app also includes weather watch warnings for severe thunderstorms and floods. It features an enhanced weather map and information provided by the Weather Underground. You can let your family and friends know that you are O.K. by sending a one-touch “I’m safe” message to various social networking sites.

You’ll be able to create and store a safety checklist for emergency planning, find the closest Red Cross Shelter and use the app’s flashlight, strobe light, and alarm as a survival tool in case you get caught in a dark, isolated spot.

With Tornado by American Red Cross, you will be prepared when the next weather disaster hits your area.

The app is free to download and available today in the App Store.

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