PadGadget’s Sound Stage: AirTurn Give You Hands-Free Page Turning on your iPad

AirTurn BT-105The iPad has revolutionized a lot of things about the way people write, play, and record music. Last week, we told you about IK Multimedia’s new iLectric Piano, which turns any MIDI capable device into a vintage electric piano from two or three decades ago. This week, we found a device that revolutionizes the way you read music.

The iPad lets you take your music mobile. It lets you build a recording studio on the move. It even lets you turn your creation into a visual art performance. Some musicians will tell you that the iPad has made it easy for them to bring all of their sheet music with them wherever they go without lugging around 15 different songbooks.

However, once you are sitting on a stage, with your iPad in front of you, the device transforms into a couple of sheets of paper that you have to turn every time you want to move to a new page. That is where AirTurn comes in. This convenient pedal connects to your iPad using Bluetooth technology so that you can turn a page or scroll down on your app by tapping with your foot.

That’s right. Hands-free page turning has finally made it into reality. It may not be a jetpack, but the future is here. The AirTurn comes with either two or four foot switches, depending on the model, that feature a turning transmitter that can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. The non-slip silent foot switch allows the user to simply tap their foot to turn the virtual page, even in the quietest moments of a performance.

AirTurn is compatible with apps like, JamUp, Loopy HD, OnSong, iCue, and more.  As you can see from the app list, AirTurn does more than just turn pages. It can be customized to switch between pedal presets on apps, scroll between features, and switch to new presentation screens.

If you are an orchestral musician, or just want a fancy Bluetooth pedalboard for your JamUp app, this is a great device for making your musical life fun and easy. The four-pedal BT-105 AirTurn is $159 and the two-pedal BT-105 is $119. Both are available from the company’s website.

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