British Judge Who Forced Apple to Apologize Gets Hired By Samsung

robinjacobLast fall, Samsung won a patent lawsuit appeal against Apple in the UK. The judge in the case ordered Apple to make a public apology by taking out an add in British newspapers and was told to add information regarding to ruling to their website.

Apple complied, but only barely. In fact, the company went out of their way to hide the apology and Judge Sir Robin Jacob accused the company of including information in the website link that was incorrect and untrue and made them rewrite the apology and move the link to the front page of their website where it can easily be seen; a harsh sentence and unusual, too.

Today, Foss Patents has discovered that the same judge who treated Apple like a primary school child being punished for pushing a little girl has been hired by Samsung to be an expert witness on another patent dispute.

According to Foss Patents, Samsung submitted a list of names of expert witnesses whom the company wishes to file Protective Order Subscriptions for. Jacob is listed as one of the experts to appear at the trial.

Jacob retired from the Court of Appeal in March of 2011, but British law allows former judges to be invited to sit on the bench of a case, which he did for Samsung vs. Apple. Apparently, British law also exempts former judges from having to comply with any regulations about being hired by the same party you favored in a ruling less than four months after your decision.

It is not a violation of law in the UK for Jacob to be hired by Samsung in this manner. However, this turn of events causes one to question how a judge who points the finger of “integrity” at Apple can openly take on such a role without considering the lack of said integrity on his own part.

Foss Patents had the following to say about the situation:

“[T]his just doesn’t feel right. It gives the impression that a judge who deals Samsung’s number one rival a huge PR blow, in a way that I found very extreme and unjustified, will be generously rewarded. For that reason alone, I think both Samsung and Sir Robin Jacob should not have done this.”

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  • lucascott

    i wonder if there will be an investigation into when his relationship with Samsung really began. Because if it was before or during the case I’m sure that’s against the law even for former judges