Apple Applies for Magnetic Stands for Multiple iPad Accessories

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These days, the iPad is used for so many things that we are constantly creating our own stands, holders, and accessories to accommodate our needs. Accessory makers are also making a fortune off of unique ways to display the iPad. Apple recently submitted a patent to the US Patent & Trademark (USPT) office for the design  of a magnetically attachable mount for the iPad.

Apple offers an easy solution to various problems users encounter when trying to display their iPads. The problem with iPad stands, according to the patent, is that most of them are cumbersome and don’t allow for quick and easy removal from the awkward mount. Apple wants to make a mount that can be attached to the iPad using the magnets already implanted in the tablet.

The mount could be used to attach to a tripod mount. The tablet can then be used to photograph or take video without having to hold it. Users could even use a remote control to trigger the camera through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It could also be used in restaurants to sit at tables so that customers can order food. Because the mount would allow for easy removal of the iPad, it could also be used by the server to add additional information or to be taken away from the table when the meal is served.

Apple’s patent also mentions the use of a music stand for the iPad. There are a few stands on the market that work as a music stand. The iKlip, for example, mounts to your microphone stand and allows you to display your iPad. Apple’s design however, would feature a magnetic connection between the iPad and the stand so that it could be easily placed and removed without effort. Additionally, the design mentions the possibility of including an automatic page-turner to be included with the stand.

iPad magnetic stand 2

Apple also submitted a concept for a “stiff hinge” that would allow two iPads to be connected together for dual configuration so that the user could possibly use the two devices to read a book or treat them like a laptop with one iPad being the display screen and the other being the virtual keyboard.

There is also a design idea for a magnetic mount for the car, a mount for video game controllers, and a mount for an iPad stand on a treadmill. The patent design is credited to Matthew Rohrbach as the sole inventor. Incidentally, Rohrbach invented the Smart Cover for the iPad.

[Via: Patently Apple]

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