Wacky App Wednesday: Make Creepy Creatures with the Daily Monster

dailymonsterWelcome to another edition of Wacky App Wednesday, where I share some of the craziest, wackiest, and most awesome apps in the App Store. Last week I shared super fun kick-the-kitty app Hackycat, and this week I have another fun app for you guys, which allows you to create your very own monsters.

The Daily Monster Monster Maker is an app that comes to you from DailyMonster.com, which is a site run by Stefan G. Bucher.

Bucher is an artist who creates unique monster drawings from ink blots by putting a blob of ink on a piece of paper and then blowing on it to create different shapes each time. The Daily Monster app replicates that process in a fun way.

When you open the app, you start out with a big blob of black ink. Tapping it causes it to burst on the page, giving you a virtual ink blot. If you don’t like the shape of the blot, you can choose to start over, but if you find it acceptable, you can morph your simple blot into a fully featured monster by adding parts.


Parts have all been drawn by Bucher, so they share his simple black and white style. You will start with adding the eyes, which define your monster. Pick eyes with lashes for a feminine creature, or big half-lidded eyes for a creepy look. After every part you put down, you can use simple pinch gestures to adjust the size of the features.


In addition to an array of eyes, you can also add a mouth and limbs to finish off your monsters. A lot of the limbs are holding items, like a handy iPad. Because there are so many choices and everything is adjustable, you can create a huge number of super unique monsters. It’s a simple way to make fun art, and an app that kids are sure to love. What’s more fun than decorating a monster?


You can add a speech bubble to your finished monster and then save it to the camera roll or share it on your favorite social networks. You can even get your monster printed on a T-shirt, so you can where it anywhere.

Don’t feel like making a monster? Don’t worry, you can randomly generate one too. The Daily Monster is a comprehensive and fun app that should be in your entertainment arsenal. You can get The Daily Monster from the App Store for $1.99.

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