PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: iPad iPhone Connector Clip


You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer or a design professional to come up with clever accessories for your iPad. Most do-it-yourself projects can be made from materials you’d find around the house. We love to repurpose things here at PadGadget. That’s why we spotlight DIY-ers. Last week, we showed you a project for an adorable oilcloth iPad case that is perfect for the coming spring.

Today, we are spotlighting a clever fix for tech addicts who like using their iPads and iPhones at the same time. Don’t try to deny it. You know you do it too.

This week’s project comes to us from the tech savvy writers at Geeky Gadgets. Julian Horsey created a quick fix for mounting an iPhone to an iPad using plastic extrusions and some super glue. This clever connector can be done in just a few minutes, or with a little time and creativity, you could make yourself an attractive and useful mount.


For this project, you’ll need a 24cm length of plastic U-shaped extrusion. Horsey recommends looking for an H-shaped plastic extrusion strip to make it even easier. That way, you don’t have to glue anything. Also, bring your iPhone with you and test the width of the strip so you know it fits properly into the grove.

If you only have the U-shaped strip, cut it in half and then glue the two pieces together, back-to-back. This will turn it into the H-shaped strip. Once the glue is dry, slide one side onto the iPad and connect your iPhone into the other side.

That’s it.

Unless you want to get fancy. If you don’t like the color of the plastic strip, try giving it a nice paint job. I would suggest leaving the inner part of the connector clean since paint does not adhere to plastic very well and you may end up with paint chips all over your devices after a while. I would also recommend looking for plastic compatible paint. Model paint would probably be the best option.


You could also add trinkets or stickers or anything your mind can think of. Wouldn’t you love a Bedazzled mount for your iPad and iPhone? You’d get plenty of looks on the bus every morning.

Horsey also suggests forming the connector by sculpting the edges with a Dremel. Just be sure to avoid removing too much plastic or it won’t fit the devices snugly.

Thanks a bunch to Julian Horsey for coming up with such a convenient and useful DIY Project. Now, you can watch movies on your iPad while using your iPhone as a second screen without taking up space.

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