Get Ready For March Madness With These Sports Apps


March Madness is just around the corner. The First Four takes place on March 19. If you already know who you are going to pick to make it in the office pool, we have a couple of apps you will be glad you have on hand for college basketball’s biggest event of the year.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2013ESPN Bracket Bound 2013 ( Free) This college basketball app offers ESPN coverage and game highlights of the entire season. Users can create up to 10 brackets to compete against friends, family, and even ESPN celebrities. You can also read top stories from basketball news, customize the scoreboard with your favorite teams, watch video analysis and breaking news. Plus, users can have easy access to live and rebroadcasted games via WatchESPN. See up-to-date bracket forecasts, track rankings from week to week, see conference standings for all NCAA Division I teams and more. You’ll be able to follow all of the top stories regarding college basketball as it unfolds.

College Basketball StatSheetCollege Basketball by StatSheet (Free) Any fan of college basketball will tell you how important it is to keep track of how the teams have been performing all season. You can’t pick your March Madness bracket in the dark. You have to go in knowing what to expect (Although, I won an office pool one year by picking teams by which mascot I thought would win in a fight). This app helps you keep track of every team’s full schedule with full game box scores and player stats. Plus, you’ll have access to daily articles and analysis throughout the season. You can sort tem and player stats , see a full roster for every team, send friends trash talking messages with StatSmack, and link to every team’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Team Stream HDTeam Stream HD (Free) Another great way to keep up to date on all of your college basketball info is with Bleacher Report’s official app. You can pick your favorite teams and get real-time, hand picked notifications on big news. You’ll be able to follow all of the news about the different teams, including local news stories, Twitter feeds, and Bleacher Report’s own website. You can share scores with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter or keep it to yourself until you’ve won your bracket. With this app, you’ll always know what your teams are up to both on and off the court.

FanCakeFanCake – Rewarding Sports Fans(Free) This social game rewards fans for watching sports. Did you ever think you’d see the day when your sports watching would finally pay off? You’ll be taking part in a competition with others based directly on live sports. You’ll earn game tickets, merchandise, and much more. You can receive medals and trophies for your accomplishments and predict a play for secret rewards. You can earn FanCake credits for your social gaming winds and ust them to buy swag. Share comments with others in the live feed, predict the out come of important plays to increase your score, and see your FanCake ratings.

NCAA March Madness LiveNCAA March Madness Live ($3.99) Strangely, the official app of March madness is actually not available in the app store right now. However, it is highly likely that the developers are overhauling the entire thing and it will launch within the next week or two. Last year, users had unlimited access to audio transmissions of the games, but had to pay an extra $10 to watch them. My guess is that, this year, the app will simply cost $10 up front. Believe me, it’s worth it. There is no other app available that lets you watch every single game, catch highlights, update your brackets, and more. Give it another week or two and this app is sure to turn up in the App Store again.

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