There is Nothing to Fear But The Gods: Rebellion – iPad App Review

Gods Rebellion LogoEpic Games rose high in the gaming ranks thanks to its use of Unreal Engine technology. Infinity Blade was the first iOS game to really utilize the iPad’s graphics capabilities to its fullest extent. Since then, games featuring Unreal Engine technology have become huge hits. With the addition of Retina display support on the iPad, games using the advanced graphics program look even more amazing.

The Gods: Rebellion is one of those games that take mobile graphics to the next level. Thanks to Unreal Engine and some fantastic gameplay techniques, this game will have you hooked from the first battle.

Players control Fu Xi as he battles gods and demons in a hack-and-slash battle for survival. Move Fu Xi around with a virtual joystick and attack enemies with right-hand button controls. Players can attack with either Dragon fist or Battle Axe. Dragon Fist is not as powerful, but does not have a cool down phase. Battle Axe could kill an enemy with three blows, but will need time to regenerate every once in a while.

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When you kill an enemy, he will either drop health, mana or Blaze power, all of which are needed to help in battle. Every time you defeat a horde of minions and their lord, you earn skill points that can be used to upgrade stats.

There are seven levels, each with a boss (or three) to defeat at the end. Once you’ve beaten a boss, the level is free for you to play again. There are three levels of difficulty, but you must beat the game on one level before you can play the next difficulty.

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There is also a challenge mode where players fight against enemies in 11 rounds with increasingly more powerful enemies. Challenge mode becomes very difficult fairly fast. You can always buy Dragon Balls in the store to keep from losing your progress from the most recent save point. You can also unlock new characters to fight with, including The Monkey King, a bare-skinned Martial Artist, and my personal favorite, the Mystic Panda.

There are some games powered by Unreal Engine that look great, but lack any real gameplay quality. Gods: Rebellion is not one of those games. Players battle against waves of demons and gods using virtual controls instead of the stationary swipe-attack method that is nothing more than a glorified version of Fruit Ninja.

This game pays off in multiple ways with excellent graphics and action-packed hack-and-slash style battles.

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What I liked: The graphics are great and the gameplay is awesome.

What I didn’t like: I wish there was a way to unlock the Mystic Panda without having to pay real money for it. The items in the store are only available to purchase.

To Buy or not to Buy: At only $0.99, this game is a fantastic bargain. The quality of the gameplay makes it a big hit for fans of good old-fashioned hack-and-slash games.

  • Name: The Gods: Rebellion
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:

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