Take the Fight to the Field in Battle Nations – iPad App Review

battle nation logoIf you are looking for turn-based battle adventure mixed with building simulation then you’ve found the right game. Most apps are either one or the other, but now you can have your cake and eat it too with the story-driven adventure of Battle Nations.

Players are given a small army to explore land and build an outpost. Building is not the only thing that this team of soldiers must do. There are always raiders on the hunt to steal your goods and make off with your food.

In battle mode, players fight enemies on a battlefield where no one can move, but everyone can fight. To attack, tap the troop you want to use for the attack and then tap the enemy you want to shoot at. Most of the soldiers have a range that will be highlighted in blue. Some have such a wide range that you can bomb the whole lot with one guy.

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After your turn, the enemy will get his. You can’t move your troops around on the battlefield, or even chose where they are placed on the board. You can only attack. If you lose a troop, he will need to be resuscitated at the hospital before he can be used again.

In build mode, players add rock quarries, bakeries, housing for workers, and more. It is also important to build up a good defense so that attacks that end up inside the perimeter have additional weapon backup.

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The game progresses with missions. Each mission moves the game’s story along. The army is in the isolated area for a reason and completing missions will explain what is going on.

While the game is entertaining and being able to play two different types of games at once is fun, you quickly run out of resources and end up being in a situation where you have to spend real cash if you want to get anywhere.

Additionally, the turn-based battle part of the game is mediocre at best. You can’t relocate your troops and the hospital is so expensive that you loose all of your troops before you earn enough money to build one. Troops cost a pretty penny as well. Some of them take a very long time to train.

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The overall concept of this game is good, but the execution is lacking. Mainly, the game forces you into in-app purchases way too soon and the battle game play leaves a lot to be desired.

What I liked: I love turn-based battle games and building simulation games and this has both.

What I didn’t like: Things are too expensive and the battle part of the game is mediocre.

To Buy or not to Buy: Since the game is free, it won’t hurt to give it a try. If you don’t mind spending real cash on in-game purchases, this has a lot of potential to be a really great game.

  • Name: Battle Nations
  • Version Reviewed: 2.7.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Z2Live
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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  • RonKean

    I look at it this way. In the old days when people had train sets, they would go out and buy another flat car or freight car not to mention more tracks, buildings, trees, etc. But with this game, when you buy a super tank, it kills the other guy and you win. $4.99 here and $0.99 there and you can win.

  • disqus_ZnkqRZDtTM

    “You can’t move your troops around on the battlefield, or even chose where they are placed on the board” – that’s an incorrect statement – aside from a few story missions, you can always choose the placement of your troops before the battle starts.