LG Display Ships Less Than 1 Million iPad Display Panels, is Apple Ramping Up for New Model?

iPad 5 mockup 1In any given month, LG Display will ship 4-6 million 9.7-inch panels for Apple’s iPad. However, DigiTimes is reporting that, in January, the display panel maker only shipped 600,000 units, a 90 percent drop from the previous month.

An unnamed source told DigiTimes that the extreme drop in production is due in part to the growing popularity in the iPad mini. Additionally, January is always a particularly slow month for panel shipments.

“The 90% on-month drop was a major contributing factor to LG Display’s overall performance in January, but the company is expected to see a rebound in its panel shipments for the 9.7-inch iPad during the second quarter due to an expected release of Apple’s next-generation iPad in the third quarter.”

Another possible reason for the overwhelming drop in orders is that Apple may be planning on using the same GF2 touch screen technology as the iPad mini. If recent rumors are true, then it is possible that a change in display technology could be the underlying factor in why LG is losing so much business.

A recent report from research firm WitsView estimates that the full-sized iPad only accounts for 35 percent of Apple’s tablet shipment, but predicts that the company is planning a major overhaul of the 9.7-inch device that will equal out shipments to the tune of a 50-50 split of both the iPad and iPad mini shipment.

There is no official information regarding a launch date for the rumored fifth-generation iPad. Some are predicting March. Some are predicting later in the year, around October.

[Via: iDownloadBlog]

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