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asktheexpertWelcome to another week of Ask the Expert, where we here at PadGadget answer all of your iPad questions. Last week we covered transferring DVDs to your iPad, clearing up lost space, and syncing podcasts.

This week we’re answering questions on using multiple applications at once, saving and archiving emails, and creating folders, so check after the break to get a few iPad tips or to ask a question yourself.

James asks: How do I organize my apps into folders?

Organizing your apps into folders is a great way to keep different types of apps segregated on your iPad. You can create folders for social apps, games, news, and more.

To create a folder, simply hold your finger on an app icon until all of your apps begin to shake (the same action you use to delete an app). From there, you can place a finger on an app icon and drag it onto another app icon, which will form a folder.

Apple will intelligently guess at a folder name based on the app type, but you can customize this by tapping at the top. Drag other apps into the folder in the same way, by tapping and holding until they shake.

Michael asks: I would like to use Words with Friends and a dictionary on a split screen, i.e., at the same time. How can I do this?

Unfortunately, Apple’s app multitasking is limited. You cannot use a split screen on the iPad, but there is a way to quickly switch between your apps.

Both Safari (or a dictionary app) and Words with Friends remain running even when you close the app, so you can double tap on the home button to see a list of recently used apps on the bottom of the screen.

When you tap on the app at the bottom of the screen, it will reopen, which is the best way to frequently switch back and forth between two apps.

Eileen asks: Is there a simple way to save and file emails on the iPad?

Hi Eileen, without knowing what type of email you are using, it is tough for me to make a suggestion. If you’re in the default Mail app and tap on the folder with the arrow, you can move your emails into a different folder (this works especially well if you’re using Gmail) and organize them that way, but if you let me know a bit more information in an email or in the comments, I can try to recommend a more tailored solution.

Unfortunately, a lot of the good organizational email apps, like Mailbox and Sparrow, are limited to the iPhone. This makes email management on the iPad fairly limited.

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