Cygnett iPad Mini Case Roundup – Gear Review


Cygnett, one of the market leaders in accessories for mobile devices, has a slew of new gear for your iPad mini and we’ve been given the great opportunity to test them out for you. Below you’ll find reviews of 5 of their top cases. Ranging from folio style, to protective amour or stand-up cases, they have a ton of products suiting almost every need made with style, functionality, and performance.

First up, we have Cygnett’s Enigma Flexi-folding Folio Case (shown above). Featuring a very clever folding design, this case bends like origami into position for viewing, standing, and typing. The back is a hardened rubber, and the front is softened rubber that’s flexible and lined with microfiber. The base feels sturdy enough to be protective, and covers all the corners of your mini. We love how you can bend and twist this as into shape, and the bold color options are perfectly suiting for such a fun, inventive case.


Second, we have Cygnett’s Flexigel Protective Flexi-Case. This is a soft, flexible, rubbery/soft resin type case that fits snugly over your iPad mini. Covering the back and all edges, this is highly impact resistant and great for someone looking for edge or bumper type protection for their mini. The material won’t slide on any hard surface, and will protect your device from scratches and drops, while still being quite thin and minimal in profile. All function buttons and ports have perfectly aligning cut outs as well.


Next up, we have the Vector 3D Tough Case.  Quite similar to the Flexigel Case, this case is made from a hardened rubber and is extra protective for your iPad mini. A raised edge type case, this completely covers the back and sides and holds tightly to your mini. The back features a cool linear graphic etched into the surface playing with a matte on gloss pattern effect. Very soft and comfortable to hold, we love this dense material and how thin it can be while still provided a lot of protection against drops and scratches.


Moving onto the toughest case we’ve seen yet is Cygnett’s WorkMate Shock-Absorbing Case. A dual-material case, this bad boy will keep even the toughest owner’s iPad mini safe. Hardened and reinforced corners and backing add super shock absorbing properties when combined the with the softer rubber inner and intermediate edges. Soft to the touch to hold, but tough on abuse, this case offers robust defense for work or play. We think it’s great for younger kids as well.


And lastly, my personal favorite, the Lavish Folio Case with Flexi-View Stand. This is a sophisticated portfolio style case which is basically composed of their Flexigel as the inner base which holds your mini and covers all edges and corners for great protection, with the addition of a quality looking faux-leather sleeve. This also incorporates a magnetic locking tab, as well as flexible standing ridges for viewing or typing. Their most professional looking case, we love how sleek and elegant this is, while still being highly protective and functional.

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