Shazam Celebrates 300 Million Users Worldwide with Newly Redesigned iOS App

ipad-screenshotOne of the first apps I had heard of when the iPhone came out more than five years ago was Shazam. It was the app everyone used to show off how cool their new Apple product was and the amazing things it could do. A few years later, the company launched Shazam for iPad, which takes advantage of the screen’s larger landscape to offer a slick user experience. Today, the app boasts more than 300 million users across the world. To celebrate, Shazam for iPad has announced plans for an updated version with a new home screen design and improved tag interactions.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Shazam Entertainment Ltd. announced that the new version of their music and TV show discovery app will offer new streams of activity to explore songs people are tagging and what TV shows people are currently watching, as well as an interactive mapping feature so that users can see what music others are listening to in any city around the world.

Shazam for iPad has recently seen an uptick in user downloads. Many users are taking advantage of the app’s second screen feature while watching television.

“According to Canalys, tablet sales are set to surpass laptop sales this year, and those of all PCs by 2016, demonstrating that people love the elegance and simplicity of using wireless technology to enhance their work and home lives. Additionally, tablets are an ideal way to experience more on the second screen as people watch television on the first screen, giving people more space to engage in additional content,” continued Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO. “Our new app gives our fans a significantly improved and streamlined way to engage more with the media they enjoy in the fastest way possible.”

Shazam’s update will include the following new features:

  • An exciting new design featuring an innovative home screen that invites exploration to see what TV shows* and music people are currently tagging, as well as find out what’s most popular in the Shazam Tag Charts.
  • An interactive mapping feature, enabling fans to zoom in to any city in the world to discover, buy and share the most popular music people are listening to in that location – starting at the continent level, then drilling down into the country, state/region, city and even to the town level, in some cases;
  • An improved Shazam Friends feature, providing people with one of the best ways to discover new music and media from their friends as well as giving them quick access to preview and comment on their friends’ tags;
  • Lightning-fast tagging, so that people can identify what they’re watching or listening to in as little as one second;
  • Sharing that’s easier than ever, including a streamlined way to tell your friends about your finds via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email; and,
  • Automatic resubmission. If people are in a poor network reception area, they no longer have to manually resubmit their tags when they get to a better reception area. Resubmission will happen automatically, and the user will be notified.

The new version will make the app universal for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and will be available within the next few weeks. Shazam is free in the App Store and downloadable today. Get it now and know about the update the moment it launches.

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