New Apple Job Listing Hints at USB 3.0-Connectivity for Lightning Connector

LIghtning Cable

Apple’s USB Connectivity Compliance QA team is looking for a new Senior Software Quality Engineer to “lead testing efforts on our exciting iOS and iPod product line.” The Lightning connector that comes with all new iOS devices currently runs on USB 2.0 and it appears that Apple is looking to speed things up a bit.

When Apple launched the iPad mini, iPhone 5 and latest generation of iPod touch devices, the whole tech world was thrown into chaos because the 30-pin adaptor was thrown out with the bath water. The new, faster Lightning connector replaces the tire old iOS connector, but it isn’t quite fast enough. Apple may be on the hunt for technology that will allow its Lightning connector to be capable of USB 3.0’s 5Gbps speed.

According to the job listing’s key qualifications, Apple is looking for someone with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering who has “knowledge of high speed bus device testing HS (USB 2.0) and SS (USB 3.0), plus knowledge of USB triggering and analysis tools.

The 1.0 m Lightning connector cable comes with the newest version of iOS devices, however, you can also get a 0.5 m Lightning connector cable for $19 from Apple’s online store. If you have gadgets and accessories that are only compatible with 30-pin connectors, you can take care of compatibility issues with Apple’s Lighting to 30-pin Adapter for $29. However, I wouldn’t spend too much money on these USB 2.0 cables if Apple is looking to increase transfer speed with USB 3.0 technology.

[Via: iDownloadBlog]

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