An the Oscar Goes To… Apple Debuts ‘Hollywood iPad Commercial

iPad commercial

Those watching the epic and glamorous awards ceremony for the Silver Screen on Sunday may have already seen Apple’s newest iPad commercial. This one, titled “Hollywood,” fit perfectly with the 85th annual Academy Awards theme.

Similar to the two commercials that Apple launched last week, Hollywood shows fast clips of various apps interspersed with a series of words: “Lights,” “Camera,” and “Action,” which categorizes the apps’ abilities.

In “Lights,” the iMovies, Pinterest, and Disneyland Explorer apps are featured alongside a very short clip of “Back to the Future.” During “Camera,” Instant: the Polaroid Instant Photos for iPad, iTunes, and 8MM for iPad, are featured prominently, followed by a quick clip from “Apollo 13.” And for the big finale, MovieSlate, Apple Maps, and Action Movie FX, as well as a second or two from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, show up in the “Action” category.

The 30-second commercial appears to be part of a new series of commercials that Apple is releasing, which is more reminiscent of the company’s faster-paced iPod commercials from a few years ago than the leisurely advertisements that have been part of recent history. Which style do you prefer?

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    I don’t know what the hell I just saw, it was way too much.