Vector Graphics Geeks Will Fall for Bézier – iPad App Review

Bezier LogoIf you are looking for a refreshing new physics-based game and want to feel smarter than the guy who flings birds into buildings, you’ll feel like a real smarty pants when you try your mathematical skills on Bézier.

Players use the points on the screen to manipulate a Bézier Curve in order to create a ramp that will cause a ball to smash into cubes. Sound complicated? It is.

Actually, it isn’t difficult to understand how to manipulate the Bézier Curve. However, it does get tricky when you are trying to figure out how to smash the ball into two cubes that are horizontal to each other, but not close enough to collide at the same time with the ball.

Bezier 5  Bezier 6

Players are shown a curving line with multiple points and a ball at a particular position. Move the line around at each point by touching and dragging it. You can make the line longer, straighter, and more slanted by moving the points. The front and end points can be fine tuned by rotating the point. When that happens, the line will curve slightly outward or inward.

Bezier 4  Bezier 3

As the levels progress, so do the puzzles. You’ll go from one or two cubes to three or four. Plus, you’ll have to figure out how to crash into cubes that are at opposite sides of the screen with a Bézier Curve that doesn’t seem like it could possibly reach both.

This game is definitely challenging. It is not for everyone. I’ve never considered myself a particularly smart person, but there are 80 levels and I couldn’t get past level eight.

Overall, this is a challenging, but entertaining app for fans of complex physics-based puzzle games.

Bezier 2  Bezier 1

What I liked: The app has a very clean, modern design. It feels like something Steve Jobs would appreciate. The soundtrack is also very relaxing.

What I didn’t like: The levels are fairly challenging. I’d like to see the ability to get hints, or maybe a difficulty setting.

To Buy or not to Buy: If you have a knack for solving physics-based puzzles, you’ll find this challenge to be worth your effort. However, if you are looking for some mindless fun, you may not want to spend the money on this app. It will really make your brain work.

  • Name: Béizer
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: MARCO MARINO
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:

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