Supposed 2nd-Gen iPad mini Images Surface with Blue Logo

iPad mini rumor back 1

The tech world has been speculating for quite some time about whether Apple will launch a line of colored iPhones and iPads. Recently, the company made waves when it launched multicolored iPod touch devices. However, we have yet to see anything other than black and white for the other iOS gadgets. That is, until yesterday when a series of supposed iPad mini images showed up on a tech blog forum sporting a blue logo.

The images first appeared on Chinese-language website WeiPhone’s forums yesterday afternoon. They look like the back plating of an iPad mini. However, the dimensions appear to be slightly thicker and the logo and “iPad” wording are in blue.

iPad mini rumor back 3

Some are speculating that the blue coating is simply a protective plastic covering to keep the logo shiny and new. However, the rest of the backing is fairly scratched up, so it is unlikely that the handler of the item is worried about keeping the logo safe, but doesn’t care about the rest of it.

Some are also speculating that this is a sign that Apple will release a line of multicolored iPad mini devices with the second-generation launch. However, by comparing the back casing in the supposed iPad mini images to the back casing of a colored iPod touch, you’ll note that Apple makes the entire case colored, not just the logo.

iPad mini rumor back 2

It is more likely that these images are not at all related to a second-generation iPad mini. There are too many things wrong with the images to make one believe they are real. The unit is scratched, scuffed and worn.  The table in the background and dirty floor don’t look like they come from the kind of supply manufacturer that Apple would work with on such an important product. It all seems just a little big fishy. If it smells like fish and looks like fish… well, you know.

[Via: AppleInsider]

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