PadGadget’s Flashback Friday – Sword of Fargoal Legends

Sword of Fargoal Legends 2

Lately it seems like we go “back in time” a lot at PadGadget. Maybe it’s because we are all a bunch of old fogies. Maybe it’s because things were much simpler two decades ago. Whatever the reason, flashing back to the pixilated past is one of our favorite things to do. Last week, we told you about Activision Anthology. Man, are those controls hard to get used to. This week, we slow down the action a little with an old-school dungeon crawl.

In 1979, a high school kid from Lexington, Kentucky created a simple dungeon crawl called Gammaquest II that would end up spanning decades and delighting gamers of multiple generations in its revised version, Sword of Fargoal, which launched in 1982.

Sword of Fargoal Legends launched in the App Store in May of 2011 as an updated high-definition version of the original for the iPad and it plays just as well as it did in 1982.

Sword of Fargoal Legends 1  Sword of Fargoal Legends 5

The game is based on randomly generated dungeons that appear when the hero enters a new area. Each floor starts out shrouded in a fog and the layout is revealed as the hero explores different areas. The goal is to find the Sword of Fargoal, which is 20 dungeons down. Each new floor includes stronger and more dangerous enemies, more powerful curses, and traps that will kill you before you have a chance to get away.

Players collect loot they find, like bags of coins in unlocked chests, or new shields from fallen foes. There are traps, pits, and explosions that will thwart your adventure. But there are also enchanted weapons, healing potions, and spells to help you get out of a sticky situation.

Sword of Fargoal Legends 4  Sword of Fargoal Legends 3

If you’ve never played Sword of Faragoal, you’ll either love it or hate it. The only thing to do is walk around, exploring dungeons and killing things. It is not the most action-packed game you’ll every play. However, there is something addicting about clearing an entire level of the mysterious fog before heading to the next dungeon.

Sword of Fargoal Legends 6

This is definitely a game for fans of traditional dungeon crawls of thirty years ago. You won’t be killing Orcs in three dimensions or questing for an epic storyline. You will, however, be unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the fog as you explore 20 different levels of monster-filled darkness. Sounds fun, right?

Sword of Fargoal is available in the App Store today for $2.99.

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