Native Instruments Brings Popular ‘Traktor DJ’ App to iPad

NI_Traktor_DJ_Cue_PointsNative Instruments released its Traktor DJ app for the iPad yesterday. The hands-on DJ app is designed to appeal to DJs of all skill levels, from touring professionals to those who are just entering the craft.

The Traktor DJ app was designed and built from the ground up by the same team behind the best selling Traktor brand, which is known for producing some of the best software and hardware for music production, including the Kontrol line of controllers and the Traktor Pro software.

Because the Traktor DJ app was constructed for both beginners and professionals, the Traktor team aimed to create a balance between instant, fun usability and advanced features for more experienced users.

With the Traktor DJ app, musicians can access and manipulate their music in new ways, but the app also complements its already existing software with bi-directional content synchronization with the Traktor Pro software.


Traktor DJ features the waveform as the center of user interaction in the app, with two decks that have dedicated 3-band EQ along with eight different Traktor effects. It uses simple iOS gestures like swipes and pinches for mixing. Users can manipulate waveforms by touch, using fingers to set loops, perform scratches, mark cue points, and more. It’s a tactile way to interact with music.

The app also features a newly designed Freeze Mode, allowing users to slice up a waveform into playable parts for quick remixing and new musical performances. There are real time beat grids too, for intuitive song mapping, which makes this app both fun and functional. The video below depicts electronic musician and DJ Richie Hawtin using the Traktor DJ app on the iPad to mix music at a club, with a hands-on view of some of the fun features of the app.

Traktor DJ for the iPad can be downloaded from the App Store for $19.99. It’s pricy, but powerful.

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