Full-Sized iPad Expected to be Back on Top By Third-Quarter 2013

ipadandipadminiIn the first few months of 2011, the iPad owned more than 85 percent of the tablet market. By mid 2012, the numbers had sunk to around 70 percent. Part of the reason is an overabundance of cheaper tablets. Another part is that the iPad mini is cannibalizing sales of its big brother.

According to research firm WitsView, the larger tablet will regain momentum later this year when Apple launches the fifth-generation model.

WitsView research director Eric Chiou predicts that the full-sized iPad will generate new interest when the fifth-generation model is released. The Apple tablet will purportedly be made from thinner, lighter GF2 touch technology, the same that is used on the iPad mini, which will ease consumer complaints about weight.

Additionally, Chiou believes the iPad 2 is going to be discontinued this year, which will close the door to a cheaper full-sized iPad, giving the new model the complete spotlight again.

WitsView estimates that the full-sized iPad will account for 35 percent of Apple’s tablet sales in the first half of 2013 with the iPad mini gobbling up the other 65 percent. However, the firm predicts that sales will even out to 50/50 sometime in the second half of the year.

The research firm also estimates that Apple will ship 82.1 million tablets worldwide in 2013, a 25 percent increase year-over-year from 2012. There’s not stopping the iPad now.

[Via: FocusTaiwan]

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