Fotopedia Releases new ‘Discover France’ Photo App

fotopediaFotonauts is well known for releasing fantastic photo apps that feature pictures from places all around the world. For example, they released a fascinating set of photos showcasing North Korea, which is notoriously secretive.

Fotonauts has also debuted photo apps filled with pictures from places like Japan, China, Morocco, Italy, and Burma. Yesterday the company added France to the list, with its new Fotopedia France app.

Like other Fotopedia apps, all of the pictures are organized into specific categories for quick and easy browsing. From the app’s opening menu, users can select one of these categories.

Fotopedia France also features “Stories,” which show specific information about different areas in the country. The Loire Valley, Mont Saint Michel, Alsace, and Lyon are among some of the places featured.


All of the images in the photo section of the app have tags at the bottom, and each tag can be tapped to show more photographs from the same category. For example, tapping on the “Paris” tag will reveal all of the photographs that were taken within Paris. This has always been an intuitive interface design that makes Fotopedia fun and easy to navigate.

Images are also equipped with a toolbar that lets you shuffle photos, star favorites, check Wikipedia for additional information, look at a map that shows where the picture was taken, and do an app wide search for photos.


As with all of Fotopedia’s apps, Fotopedia France is filled with breathtaking images. There are amazing shots of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, along with gorgeous images taken at the Palace of Versailles.

Along with thousands of different photographs, the app has a Trip Builder to allow users to plan a trip to France with personalized tours and the ability to share favorite images and stories via email or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As always, these photos can be turned into wallpapers for the iPad, which makes Fotopedia France well worth the download.

Fotopedia France is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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