PlayStation to Turn iPad into Second Screen for PS4


Yesterday was a big day for the gaming community. Sony made a huge announcement at its PlayStation Meeting 2013 conference. Scheduled to launch later this year is the new PlayStation 4. We won’t go into the mind-boggling details here. However, in a press release Sony did mention that iPhones and iPads will be able to be used as second screens for the console with a new “PlayStation App.”

Sony wowed the nation yesterday with details about the new console set to release in November. There will be better graphics, faster load times, social network integration and more. At the conference, there was so much information being thrown out that iOS compatibility wasn’t really even mentioned. However, Sony included the news in a press release later that day.

“We’re also introducing a “PlayStation App” for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that acts as a second screen, allowing for unique gameplay possibilities such as viewing maps during an adventure game or remotely watching friends play during an epic battle—right from a smartphone or tablet.”

There are not details as to availability and pricing, although it will probably be a free app. There is currently an official PlayStation app in the UK App Store, but based on user reviews, it is “Rubbish.” Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come.

[Via: IGN]

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