New Developers Have it Hard – Report Finds Only 2% of Top 250 iOS Publishers are New to the App Store

newpublishersGetting an app featured in the App Store can be a huge boon for developers, but as a new report from Distimo reveals, newcomers to the application market can have an incredibly tough time getting a foot in the door.

Surprising data reveals that only a small number of applications in Apple’s top apps listing have been developed by publishers and developers who are new to the app store, with the majority of hit applications being released by established publishers.

Of the top 250 publishers in the App Store, only two percent are new. It’s also tough for new apps to break into Apple’s top listings. Of the top 300 apps in the App Store, only 17 percent of them are new titles. The rest of the apps are titles that have been around for quite some time.

It’s worth noting that Apple saw a 52 percent growth in daily revenues in the App Store during the last six months, though it saw just a three percent increase in revenue during the last month.


In January, Apple announced that it had paid out billions of dollars to developers, which makes the App Store a lucrative market, especially for apps that can break into Apple’s top lists.

Apps that made Apple’s top lists and more than a million downloads (and therefore a whole bunch of cash) in the last six months include Temple Run 2, Google Maps, and The Blockheads. The Blockheads is the stand out here, the only one of the top 10 new applications to hit a million downloads coming from a new publisher.


Temple Run 2 also managed to make the list of new applications to score $1 million in revenue in a month. Other apps with this distinction include Angry Birds Star Wars, GTA: Vice City, Line Pop, and Bloons TD 5. 1Password was the only non-game to make this category.


Though the App Store is crowded with established app veterans, apps like The Blockheads prove that new publishers can still get lucky with a hit app. Small studios like Imangi (of Temple Run fame) can also score big, as noted in the report.

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