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If you read old user reviews of the Huffington Post app, you’ll see things like, “overly complex navigational nightmare,” “chaotic categorization,” and “designed by monkeys in a room and the organ grinder is out to lunch.” Ouch. Well, the sad faced and emotionally broken developers listened to HuffPost readers and decided to remake the app from the ground up. Thanks to hard work and probably a new set of monkeys, the new Huffington Post for iPad launched today and promises to be cleaner, faster, and everything the old app was not.

The newly redesigned app now features deeply integrated sharing compatibilities, stunning visuals and a new video section that includes archived videos. The development team started from scratch with this version. They “ditched the 400k likes of code” and focused on how to make an app that utilizes the unique capabilities of the mobile platform while giving readers everything they want in an easy to navigate, user-friendly way.

Instead of being bombarded with all of the Huffington Posts’ information at once, users will now be able to set up a customized reading experience by selecting from their favorite news sections. Then, they can swipe from right to left in order to see each section and swipe downward to read articles from a given section.

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Version 4.0 features:

– Brand new design and interface
– Select your favorite sections, bookmark articles and like/fan authors
– New touch interfaces: two-finger swipe to reveal menu and pinch to close an article
– Full-screen slideshows including photos, videos and tweets
– HuffPost Live video archive available in the app
– Reinvented commenting for the iPad
– Search enabled across the app

Writer Josh Klenert wrote about the new app at the Huffington Post’s blog. “We wanted an app that was so intuitive, we would not have to add a complex ‘how-to’ screen when users entered the app for the first time,” he wrote. “We did want to reflect the attitude of the desktop site on the smaller screen.”

The Huffington Post for iPad is free and available now from the App Store. The development monkeys hope you thing this version is “a hell of a lot better” than its predecessor.

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  • Gretta Nelson

    Just in case any one was wondering: HuffPo articles are no longer cached, meaning that you can’t load the app up and then relax on the bus ride home and read it offline. Sunday Morning Talking Heads by Jason Linkins is NOT supported on this app any longer, which requires that you go to Safari to read his blog, and my guess is that this alone renders the app neutered and if you have to go to safari at all, why take the time and trouble to even write an app?? So… If this is the “better” app, I just cannot wait to see what the chimps over there can screw-up next update.