Dok CR34 6 Port Smart Phone Charger – Gear Review


Our friends at Dok have sent us a great new toy to try out. Their 6 Port Smart Phone Charger will charge just about anything with a USB port, and up to 6 devices at the same time. The dock itself integrates a digital clock, dual alarm functions, speaker sound system, and FM radio. Compatible with smart phones, tablets, ireaders, and mp3 players – this dock would be great for anyone with multiple devices, phones, or accessories – or as the perfect gift for any household with multiple gadgets.

Cleverly designed, the front of the dock supports all the bonus features – the control panel, speakers, and digital clock. The back houses a pretty smart organizational compartment where all the charging stations are located. The top flips up and exposes 6 USB ports, and 3 storage cradles – to hold devices propped up in the dock. All cables are neatly nestled in the back as well, and completely out of sight when closed.

The design of the shape of the dock is rather bulky compared to others we’ve tried, and it is quite large in size. That said, it does perform a wide variety of functions while holding and charging your devices.

image image-1

What I liked: Charging 6 devices, and holding 3 while simultaneously performing all the other functions is quite a feat. There is also a small nightlight feature, large digital display, surge protection, and SCD [smart current detection] which enables the swiftest and safest charge for your device.

What I didn’t like: It is a bit oversized, but to support so many features, it is understandable.

To buy or not to buy: If you are looking for a docking station and own several devices that support a usb charging connection, this would be an ideal product for you. The additional features make it an excellent option for bedside or desktop use.

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