Wacky App Wednesday: Play Kick the Kitty in Hackycat

hackycatHackycat is a super fun casual game that combines cats with popular kicking pastime hacky sack. If you’re not familiar with hacky sack, it’s a game where the idea is to keep a small round plastic bead-filled bag in the air as long as possible, by kicking it up into the air.

The game uses a similar principle, but instead of kicking a ball, you’re kicking cats. Don’t worry, though – You’re not harming the poor little felines by kicking them in Hackycat, instead, you’re saving them from being blown to bits!

That’s right, if these cats hit the ground, they explode into pieces, so warm up those tapping fingers because you need to keep these cats in the air. To initiate a kick from one of the hacky players, tap on a cat, which bounce it into the air. Keep tapping, because the game ends when the cats hit the floor.


As you play, nudge the cats into cheeseburgers to gather them up, because these serve as the game’s currency. With enough cheeseburgers you can adopt new cats to kick, new athletes, and new locations.

There are power ups to earn as well, which allow you to earn super high scores. You can even use the impressive Superkick to launch kitties into space!

Hackycat features ultra cute kitty graphics, which are sure to be a hit with cat lovers, and the gameplay is challenging but fun. Do you think you can keep multiple cats in the air? Give it a try. Even if you’re not a cat lover, I guarantee these pixel cuties are irresistible.


You can download Hackycat from the App Store for $0.99. You’re not going to find a better way to spend a dollar this Wednesday, so snap it up and start kicking. A word of warning, though – keep the kicks in the app. You won’t want to try playing hackycat with your real feline friends!

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