Recycle Your Old Fleece and Get a New iPad Cover

refleece3Husband and wife duo Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller have come out with a stylish new line of iPad sleeves that are also good for the environment. ReFleece cases incorporate a new kind of felt, made from recovered fleece jackets and recycled fleece scrap.

The company uses a low energy manufacturing process to recycle the fleece, turning it into sleek, durable cases for the iPad and the iPad mini.

Palmer and Feller are dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, which meant they had quite a few old fleece jackets laying around. One day, Palmer, an engineer and designer, discovered the moldability of the fleece, and ended up with an idea for the fantastic fleecy iPad cases.

The company gets its fleece from Patagonia, as part of Patagonia’s Common Threads Program, which allows people to send in their old fleeces. ReFleece takes these old clothing items, cleans them presses them, and turns them into new iPad cases.


You can rest assured that ReFleece’s cases are all made from a thick, protective fleece that is of the highest quality, since it comes from Patagonia. The cases are durable and will protect the iPad, with a secure snap and a sleek design.

Most importantly, these cases are ultra lightweight and portable, which is always a great compliment to Apple’s slim tablets. And as an added bonus, they are water resistant and shock absorbent.

All of the cases come in charcoal gray, with different colored inner tabs. You can get tabs in a range of colors, from blue and green to pink and red. These cases are great for a wide range of uses, whether your iPad stays at home or travels to the office, thanks to the muted colors.

You can get an iPad mini sleeve for $29.95 or a full-sized iPad sleeve for $32. Cases are available for immediate purchase from the ReFleece website.

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  • Sell My Mobile

    I think the idea of using recycled fleece is a great move and its very environmentally friendly. I’m on the fence on this one though, they don’t look very appealing and i’m not sure if people will latch onto the look.

    Good luck to them though, as I say its a great idea.

  • Jennifer Feller

    Hi PadGadget – Thanks for writing about ReFleece! We are a small company but growing fast… the fact that every case is unique is something new for most stores and consumers, and folks are really loving it. I hope you’ll keep featuring sustainably sourced products!