PadGadget’s DIY Spotlight: Oilcloth iPad Cover


Do-it-yourselfers are a special breed. Not only are they able to come up with creative designs and unique gadgets, but they also figure out ways to turn warn-out or useless items into brand new things. Last week, we gave you a Valentine’s Day treat in the form of a how-to guide for making your own edible iPad cupcake topper.

This week, we are going to show you a beautiful iPad cover made from oilcloth. This is the perfect project to get you ready for springtime.

Rachel from “Always a Project” wrote a nicely detailed description on how to make a colorful iPad sleeve, complete with an iPhone pocket and a penholder, from oilcloth. If you have any reusable grocery bags or old picnic table coverings lying around the house, you can use the material to create this iPad sleeve. However, if you want to be a little pickier with the design, you can find oilcloth by the yard online at a variety of sources, like Etsy, eBay, and specialty fabric stores, like Warm Biscuit and Oilcloth Alley.

You’ll need at least two different colors of oilcloth, plus fleece material for the lining. You’ll also need cotton cording, ribbon, and a sewing machine. Of course, you’ll have to know how to sew.


Rachel explains how to measure out the various pieces, including one for the cell phone pocket and one for the pen loop. She also gives a detailed description of how to attach piping and sew seams together. This is a bit different than normal cloth stitching since oilcloth has such an unforgiving pliability. That is, it isn’t very flexible at all.

Once you’ve sewn your pieces together and added your fleece lining, you can attach a button with a loop for a closure and create wide zigzag stitches across the boarder to give it the finishing touches.

Oilcloth iPad cover 2

Thanks so much to Rachel for showing us how to make such a fun and funky iPad sleeve. The added pockets are a great way to keep your tablet and accessories organized. Visit Always a Project for more creative and adorable ideas.

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  • Emily Becker

    Love this iPad cover! Now, if I could just find the time to learn to sew…