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asktheexpertIn last week’s edition of Ask the Expert, we had some great questions on restoring deleted iPad apps, iPad apps that crash, and muting the iPad. This week we have even more useful questions for you, so check after the break to find out about transferring movies to your iPad, recovering lost space, and deleting photos.

Greg asks: How do I get movies that I already own on my iPad to watch?

Unfortunately, transferring movies that you already own is not something that you can easily do without additional software, and it’s not something that is legal to do, according to the MPAA.

If it is a digital file that you are working with, you can use Handbrake to save the video in an iPad-friendly format (MP4) which can then be transferred to your computer via iTunes.

Handbrake also works with physical DVDs, but it is a complicated process because many DVDs have extensive copyright protection. I found a detailed post by Macworld which gives step-by-step instructions. While it’s possible to transfer the movies that you own to the iPad, it’s definitely a hassle to do.

Sue asks: I take a lot of notes. Does the “Notes” app allow for the use of the microphone icon that is next to the spacebar on the left side?

In Apple’s Notes app, that microphone that is on the left hand side of the screen next to the spacebar is functional, but it is for dictation, not for recording. If you tap it, you can talk into the app and it will dictate what you are saying. It’s a quick and easy way to get lots of text down in a short amount of time, but it’s not always accurate and will require some editing.

Jack asks: How can I delete all of the photos on my iPad 3?

There is no quick and easy way to delete all of the photos on your iPad in one go. You will need to go to the photos app, select the individual photos that you want to delete, and then hit the delete button at the top of the screen.

I know this can be tedious, especially when there are a lot of photos on the iPad, but I have yet to find a more efficient way to delete content.

Photos that were added via iTunes syncing from your computer will need to be removed the same way, using iTunes to deselect them. I’m not clear on how the photos got on your iPad, so if you need additional help just ask in the comments.

Bruce asks: When I watch a podcast on my iPad, it doesn’t mark as played in iTunes. Is it supposed to?

Unfortunately, Apple’s Podcast app is woefully inadequate. Its syncing problems are a known issue, and the iPad app does not sync with iTunes. Therefore, the items that you play on the computer will not show as played on the iPad, and the content that you listen to on your iPad will not show as played in iTunes. The fix seems to be deleting the Podcast app and using the Music app instead.

Dorien asks: I made a short movie with the built-in app and decided to delete it from the camera roll. The movie is no longer visible, but the camera roll uses 2GB of memory with only 10 photos. How can I get this memory back?

There are a few methods you can use to get this space back. First of all, try hooking your iPad up to the computer, turning off the photo sync option, hitting apply, and then turning it back on if you want to resync that content.

You can also try a program like iExplorer, which can be used to delete the files if they are visible.

If the previous two options do not work, you may need to create a backup, restore your iPad to factory settings, and then reinstall from the backup in order to clear up the issue.

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  • Joe

    Regarding use of the microphone key for dictation, it should also be noted that an Internet connection is required to convert your speech to text.

  • Sue Lily

    Is there a site where a list of Siri’s commands are listed? Besides “Text Kathy” and “What is the current temperature?”, I have no idea what I can ask or what she can do.