Defeat The Evil Yeti and His Awkward Henchmen As Burt Destruction – iPad App Review

Burt Destruction LogoFans of platformer games are getting lots of presents this month. A few weeks ago, Cordy 2 wowed us with amazing graphics and interesting gameplay and Rock Runners just skyrocketed to the top spot as Apple’s Editor’s Choice. Earlier this month, Burt Destruction launched in the App Store and it has all the great features of an action-packed side-scrolling platform. The best part is that it’s free right now.

Players control Burt, an unassuming twenty-something who just wants to eat potato chips and play video games. His pal Bigfoot knows there is a big world out there for Burt and helps him save the world by showing up at random places and stomping out bad guys.

Why is Burt’s last name “Destruction,” you ask? Well, because he has a bad habit of going into a rage and destroying everything in his path. Burt’s destructive nature is the Yeti’s biggest fear and he wants to destroy the otherwise friendly young man.

Burt Destruction 6   Burt Destruction 5

Players tap the screen to make Burt jump and double tap to make him jump higher. There are coins to collect, “Fat Fairies” to stomp out, and exploding garbage cans to avoid. When things get crazy, you can call on your buddy Bigfoot and he’ll jump in to squash out the enemy. To call Bigfoot, tap on his icon in the lower right side of the screen. Burt will stop moving for a moment while Bigfoot does his magic.

Burt will go into destruction mode when his rage meter is full. When that happens, everything in his path gets destroyed. It only lasts a few seconds and then Burt is back to being vulnerable to attacks. He can only get hit three times before you lose the game.

Burt Destruction 4   Burt Destruction 3

Coins are used to unlock bonus items, upgrade Burt’s abilities, and activate other friends that come to Burt’s aid. You can even buy epic costumes for Burt and Bigfoot, like a ninja costume, or zombie outfit.

The game is surprisingly difficult. I had a hard time getting past the second level and that was on the easiest setting. You don’t keep any coins or achievements you earn unless you complete a level, so you can’t upgrade to better stuff in order to make it through a difficult level. You can, however, replay earlier levels for coins.

This is a fun and friendly side-scrolling platform game. You can download it for free today, but don’t wait too long. It won’t stay free forever.

Burt Destruction 2   Burt Destruction 1

What I liked: The intro mini movie at the beginning is really fun. It reminds me of an Adult Swim cartoon, only without the foul language and adult themes.

What I didn’t like: This game is just a little bit too hard. I almost gave up and deleted the game because I had such a difficult time getting past the second level. It didn’t ease up on the subsequent levels either.

To Buy or not to Buy: The game is free to download, so pick it up now. If you liked Rock Runners, this game is very similar. You’ll have a good time playing this one as well.

  • Name: Burt Destruction
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: RunWilder
  • Price: Free for a limited time
  • Score:

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