Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2 – Fixes Exchange Issue But Unlock Bug Remains

ios6.1Apple just released a new version of iOS for its iDevices. iOS 6.1.2 fixes a serious bug that was created with iOS 6.1, causing Microsoft Exchange users to flood Exchange servers by creating a continuous loop that resynchronized recurring calendar meeting invitations.

The error, which resulted in excessive memory and CPU consumption, prompted Microsoft to recommend that administrators ban devices running iOS 6.1 from accessing Exchange servers. Apple promised an imminent fix, which it has now delivered.

It was thought that the update would also fix a more recently discovered bug, which allowed people to use a series of button combinations to bypass the lock screen of a locked iDevice. The illegal unlock gave access to contacts, photos, and voicemails.

Apple promised AllThingsD that it was working on a fix for the issue, but the vulnerability has not been resolved with the latest update to iOS 6.1.2.

According to Ars Technica, the unlock that was able to be performed under iOS 6.1.1 is still possible with iOS 6.1.2, giving the same access to contacts and device functions. There is no current fix for the unlock vulnerability, so make sure to keep your devices close at hand to avoid giving someone unwanted access.

The iOS 6.1.2 update is available for all devices running iOS 6. It can be downloaded over the air on your device, or through iTunes. If you’re concerned about the passcode unlock bug, you will, unfortunately, need to wait a bit longer for a fix.

Apple today has also issued a security fix that repairs a Java vulnerability in Macs and it has also pushed a new version of iTunes for Mac, iTunes 11.0.2, with bug fixes and a new Composers view for music. Both of these updates are available via the Mac App Store.

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