Slash Enemies to Smithereens in Fionna Fights Adventure Time – iPad Game Review

fionnafightsFionna Fights is a new Adventure Time game, based on the popular Adventure Time cartoon. The Cartoon Network’s previous Adventure Time game, Jumping Finn Turbo starred main characters Finn and Jake, so now it’s Fionna’s time to shine on the iPad.

This game stars Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee, who were on their merry way to Lumpy Space Prince’s party, when along the way, they got jumped by a pack of evil monsters and now Fionna needs to fight back.

In the game, players will take on the role of Fionna, battling a never-ending stream of bad guys, leaping through the air from enemy to enemy cutting them down with a sword.

It’s a fairly easy game to grasp, but successfully destroying enemies is a tough task. The game opens with a swarm of enemies, heading towards Fionna. To fight, you tap on the enemies to send her launching towards them, sword first. She can impale multiple enemies at once, and the goal is to not let any of them slip by your guard.


There’s an energy bar on the screen, which is depleted each time you miss an enemy. The idea is to tap quick, slashing them all to bits before they escape. It’s a lot like a game of Whack A Mole. You can slash up enemies until you run out of juice, then you need to start over again.

After each attempt, you will earn gems. These gems are used to purchase more powerful swords for Fionna so that she can do even more damage. Swords all have different abilities.

For example, Finn’s golden sword has a dash attack, while the crystal sword creates crystal shards. There are four swords to earn in total, and special attacks as well, which can be used as backup.


Attacking over and over is all there is to this game, but it’s surprisingly challenging to destroy enemies. Expect to only play for a few seconds at a time until you master the controls (speed seems to be the key) and until you can purchase upgraded weapons. Despite its simplicity, this is a fun game, and a must download for any Adventure Time fans.

What I liked: Fionna Fights offers simple, straight forward gameplay that’s fast paced and fun.

What I didn’t like: This game is best played in short bursts of time because it does have a tendency to get repetitive. It could also use additional unlockables and more in-game content.

To buy or not to buy: If you like Adventure Time and are a fan of Fionna and Cake, you’re going to love Fionna Fights.

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