Just Mobile UpStand – Gear Review

Just Mobile, makers of high quality accessories and gear for your mobile devices, has a great new pedestal for your iPad called the UpStand. Made completely of high grade solid aluminum, this stand sits at the perfect angle for all types of viewing functions on your tablet.
Intended as a “desktop stand,” the UpStand holds your iPad at an upright angle and works great with a bluetooth keyboard if you like to work on your tablet. For viewing, this stand turns your iPad into a TV or alarm clock, and works great sitting on my kitchen counter as a recipe book as well. The stand also works with a wide array of cases and covers. I tried out several covers, and had no issue with any.
Durable and sturdy, the aluminum construction of the stand is highlighted with rubber edging anywhere your tablet would touch, protecting it from scratches. The base also has a rubber ring for additional protection for any surface it may sit on.
What I like:  Very sturdy, and crafted with high grade aluminum, this is a quality product which performs its function perfectly. The UpStand is also compatible with all generations of the iPad.
What I didn’t like:  This stand is limited to one position.  I generally prefer to have a little flexibility, but if you are looking for a stand to be primarily used for viewing, this might be just what you need.
To buy or not to buy:  Great quality, sleek design, and perfect as a “desktop stand,” you won’t be disappointed.

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