PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Activision Anthology

Activision Anthology 3

Is it the weekend already? Looks like it is time again for Flashback Friday. Every week, we pick an app that reminds us of days gone by, a time when games were two-dimensional and cameras were film-based. Last week, we told you about the classic ROM Gridlee. Surprisingly, it is still in the App Store. Either Apple has bigger fish to fry right now, or they are turning the other way for this game. There is no way that, by now, Apple hasn’t heard of the MAME emulator.

This week, we are flashing back to a time when Atari 2600 was a household name. Collect 45 of your childhood memories in one location with the most comprehensive Activision Anthology in the App Store

Players can download the app for free, which comes with Kaboom! If you were disappointed in the App Store release of Pitfall, you won’t waste any time buying the full collection for $6.99. Believe me. It is worth it.

Each game offers three different control options. You can play with a virtual D-Pad, tilt controls, or follow touch. If you want to keep things retro, stick with the D-Pad. Be warned, though. The controller is weird. Instead of virtually moving the ball of the joystick, players must touch one of surrounding arrows. It takes a lot of getting used to, especially for old school gamers.

Activision Anthology 6   Activision Anthology 1

All of the games include original box and cartridge artwork that you can inspect in the “Extras” section. You can even virtually take the cartridge out of the box.

If you come across games that you didn’t play 20 years ago, and you probably will, you can read the original instructions in the “Manuals” section. These instructions include specific directions for how to turn on the video game console, how to select the game options, and details on how to control things in the game.

Activision Anthology 5   Activision Anthology 4

Even without paying for any additional games, and you will, the app is worth the download simply for the walk down memory lane. Players can see original artwork and instruction manuals for all 45 games.

If you bought the whole enchilada for the Atari’s Greatest Hits app, you were probably a little disappointed overall in the app’s offerings. For 10 bucks, you got 100 games, but only about 20 of them were worth playing. With Activision Anthology, you get 45 games for $6.99 and they are all really fun games.

Activision Anthology 2

You don’t have to buy all of the games at once. If you are only so-so on the idea of going back to your pixilated childhood, then you may only want a handful of games. You can buy 11-game packages for $2.99 each.  Download Kaboom! for free and you’ll probably end up downloading the entire package within minutes.

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