Mad Scientists Rejoice! Autodesk Lets You Build 3D Creatures with New iPad App

123dAutodesk is back with 123D Creatures, an iPad app that lets you bring your imagination to life with the creation of fun 3-dimensional creatures. Begin by designing your creature and ‘sculpting’ in your detail, which can include adding skin, feathers, wings, fins, horns, claws or paws to your biped or quadruped. When everything is just how you saw it in your head, export your finished product into an image or 3D model, share it with all of your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter or “have it 3D printed into a real sculpture!”

Samir Hanna, vice president of Consumer Products at Autodesk describes their new app by saying:

“Now, for the first time, 123D Creature makes it easy for anyone to create a sophisticated creature on an iPad, and then have a 3D print delivered to their doorstep with a few swipes of their finger. With our 123D family of apps, we strive to put powerful 3D technology into the hands of anyone who wants to be creative, and we look forward to seeing the original creatures people will create and share with the community.”

123D Creatures takes advantage of professional tools and delivers them to your iPad. The powerful skeleton builder makes it easy to get the frame of your creature in place (they promise it is as easy as drawing a stick figure), while the 3D texturing and painting tools let you customize him beyond what you thought possible.

Once your design is ready for the finishing touches, bring it into the Render room where you can “adjust the lights, background, and filter effects to generate amazing scenes and images.”


If your imagination (or that of your children) is already starting to spin with the possibilities, you can download 123D Creature by Autodesk for USD $1.99 from the App Store.

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