Wacky App Wednesday: Bring Valentine’s Day to Any Photo with Cupid Booth

cupidboothIt’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for a wacky app! And since it is the day before Valentine’s Day, our wacky app has to have hearts, flowers, and plenty of ooey gooey hugs and kisses. Oh, and don’t forget the love!

Cupid Booth is the perfect Valentine’s Day app, because it has all of the above, and more, and you can use those items to decorate photos of you and your beloved. Or your cats. That works too.

As you might have imagined from the description above, Cupid Booth is a photo editing app that allows you to add silly Valentine’s Day items to your pictures. You can use it to create special Valentines for all of your friends and family.


Begin with importing a photo from the camera roll or taking one to work with. From there, you can add all kinds of items, like hearts, kisses, teddy bears, candy, roses, angel wings, and more.

The items are high quality for the most part and since they all come without a background, they’ll fit right in to your pictures. You can rotate and resize them as much as you need to, so you’ll get that perfect angle.

Have a friend that can’t stand Valentine’s Day? Turn that frowny photo upside down with the addition of a heart and some big red lips! Want to send a special Valentine email to your sweetheart? Spice it up with some cute Valentine’s Day items.


That’s all possible with Cupid Booth. Of course, there is a giant ad to contend with since it’s a free app, but you can save and send your photos just fine, with no ad present. You can purchase additional Valentine’s Day items in the app, but there’s little need, since it provides so many free items to work with.

All of your finished works of art can be uploaded to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, saved to the camera roll, or emailed.

Cupid Booth can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Get it now and get cracking on those cute Valentine’s Day photos!

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for an all new wacky app.

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