Top Five Valentine’s Themed Games to Get You in a Lovey Dovey Mood

candyheartsWe’re fast approaching Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you have the perfect gift picked out for the love of your life and flowers ordered for mom. If not, you better get started on that!

When you’re done, you can relax with some of these fun Valentine’s Day themed games, which are sure to put you in an ooey gooey mood in no time at all.

My Love My Valentinemlmv ($0.99) – My Love My Valentine is a casual game that bills itself as a game of love and romance. Gameplay consists of writing love messages that are delivered by dove to your sweetheart, who is also entertaining the affections of another. Your goal is to convince her to fall in love with you instead of your rival by sending her a barrage of messages. Check out my full review here.


Wheres my Valentine LogoWhere’s My Valentine (Free) – Where’s My Valentine is an app from Disney that is essentially Where’s My Water with heart themed puzzles. The game features a dozen Valentine’s Day levels to finish, and the app stars your favorite characters from the other games, Swampy and Perry. The app has plenty of chocolates, teddy bears, and other lovey dovey items that will perk up your mood in no time, and the gameplay is as fun as it always is in these Disney games. Lots of tunnel digging action!


angelaAngela’s Valentine (Free) – This app isn’t exactly a game, but it is something that you can have a little fun with while creating Valentine’s to send to friends and family. The app stars Tom and Angela, two little tabby cats. They kiss each time you tap on them, and occasionally claw at each other too. They’re cats, after all! You can tap on the little letter icon in this app to view cute Valentine’s Day cards starring the two cats, which you can customize with your own personal messages. This app may not be entirely suitable for young children because of some slightly suggestive kitty poses, but it’s perfect for teens and adults.


mashM.A.S.H. Valentine (Free) – Do you remember that little game you used to play in grade school, called mash? Short for mansion, apartment, shack, house? It was used to plan out your potential future life with your crush. This is the digital version of that classic game, and it’s the perfect silly childhood activity for Valentine’s Day fun. Find out who your crush is, where you’ll live and what you’ll do on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun, trust me!


flowergardenFlower Garden ($1.99) – Flower Garden isn’t a Valentine’s Day themed app per se, but it does involve flowers, which are a V-Day staple. This is a simple, serene app that allows you to plant different types of seeds, water them, and watch them bloom right before you eyes. Some flowers bloom instantly while others take quite a bit longer. When you’ve cultivated an entire bouquet, you can use it to send virtual flowers to your Valentine.

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