Battle Your Way Through Calamity as The Kid in Bastion – iPad Game Review

bastionBastion is an action-oriented roleplaying game that was originally published on Steam, before being brought to other platforms like the Xbox 360 and iOS.

Bastion was ported to iOS in August of last year, and it remains one of the best games you can get for the iPad, with intuitive touch controls, impressive graphics, and an unforgettable theme. It’s one of my favorite iOS games, so read on to find out why I love it so much.

In Bastion, there’s a dynamic voiceover from an unseen narrator, which follows every move of “the Kid.” You’re in charge of the Kid, and the deep voiced narration that constantly follows you simply oozes personality. It’s both hilarious and helpful.


The narrator will reveal your character’s backstory and he will also narrate everything that happens as you play, pointing out your flaws and follies as well as your triumphs. Plus, if you’re lost, he’ll supply you with hints. This is one game where sound is absolutely essential, so play with a set of headphones if you can.

Bastion’s world is amazing. Despite being set in a world that has been destroyed by an evil force called the calamity, the graphics are bright and colorful and the world is gorgeously rendered, full of fantastical scenes and monsters. The idea is to explore, making your way through the game destroying monsters, and as you progress, your story will be revealed.


That calamity that I mentioned before wiped out much of humanity, leaving terrible monsters in its place.

And you know what you do with monsters, right? You fight them. This is an RPG, so you will be battling an endless stream of baddies, which never gets old.

Battling and exploring are both simple tasks thanks to an easy to grasp control scheme. You simply tap where you want to walk on the screen, and the Kid walks there, hitting the monster nearest to him.

While most attacking is automatic, there is a block/manual shot button along with a button for executing special moves. Dodging is done with a simple double tap.

Alternatively, you can switch to classic controls, which use an on-screen D-pad. This control scheme is slightly more accurate, but it is also less organic while playing.

The game is divided into different levels, which you will finish one at a time. Levels are full of monsters, but there are also plenty of puzzle style challenges that you will have to figure out, which keeps Bastion continually dynamic.

Fighting is the underlying theme, though, and as you fight you will unlock new skills and attacks. You will also find new items, the cornerstone of any great RPG. Unlike most RPGs, Bastion does not lock you into your skill choices. You can change your specializations at any moment, going from a sword to a hammer to a shotgun on a whim, depending on what the situation calls for. This too is part of what makes Bastion such a great game.

I can never pass up a good RPG, and I know many of you out there are like me. If you love hacking up monsters, leveling up characters, gaining loot, and exploring an amazing environment, Bastion is well worth the purchase price.

What I liked: Some games don’t transition well to iOS, but Bastion is not one of those games. The controls feel like Bastion was made for iOS.

What I didn’t like: I had no complaints about Bastion, but I should point out that some people have experienced minor issues with the controls and the lack of control over battles.

To buy or not to buy: I can’t think of a game in the App Store that’s a better buy for your $4.99. Bastion is simply one of those must have titles that you won’t want to pass up.

  • App Name: Bastion
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • Price: $4.99
  • Score:

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