App Store’s App of the Week is Galaxy on Fire 2 HD – iPad App Review

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD LogoThis week, Apple named Galaxy on Fire 2 HD the App of the Week, making the popular space adventure free for the first time ever. Pick it up in the App Store now, before it goes back to the regular price of $6.99.

Players control the testy and snarky Keith T. Maxwell as he travels through space and time on accident. When he awakes from a particularly difficult battle, he finds himself in a galaxy far, far away. Maxwell’s goal is to get back home. Along the way, he uncovers what has happened to him and his ship. Maxwell encounters helpful traders, swindling drug runners, and all manner of space pirates.

You’ll learn how to fight against multiple enemies in heated space battles, lock onto asteroids for mining precious metals, and upgrade your bucket of bolts to handle the action.

To steer your ship, use the virtual joystick. The controls are set for typical flight simulation, meaning that up goes down and down goes up, but if it is too difficult to get used to, you can invert them in the settings menu.

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To fire on an enemy, tap the weapon button and it will automatically begin to fire. When you properly lock onto a pirate, you’ll deal severe damage. You can upgrade your weapons to make your ship more powerful against enemies in the hanger at each space station.

Players also learn how to mine asteroid fields for precious metals. To earn more money, mine the asteroids and sell your loot in the hanger. Your ship can only hold about 25 units at a time, so mine quickly to earn the most money.

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In addition to space battles and asteroid mining, players complete missions that are presented. Some are plot-forwarding missions that send Maxwell on various adventures and help him get back home. Others are side missions that help Maxwell earn a couple of extra credits or buy black market goods.

This game is complex and deeply involved. It is not for the casual gamer. This is a fantastically designed role-playing space adventure. You’ll be buying and selling in the market, mining ore, fighting pirates, and trying to find your way back home, making it difficult to set down because there is so much to do.

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What I liked: I love the space adventure. I am a big fan of games that have missions for you to complete and this is rife with missions. The storyline is interesting and even entertaining.

What I didn’t like: I had a hard time picking up on some of the basics, like buying and selling in the hanger. I didn’t know how to sell my ore for a long time and couldn’t start mining again because my ship was full. I also had a hard time controlling the ship’s movement at first, but that got easier with time.

To Buy or not to Buy: First of all, if you are reading this before Feb. 15, you should just go download the game right now since it is free. Otherwise, fans of complex space RPGs with elements of space battles and trading simulations will really get their money’s worth with this app.

  • Name: Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1.4
  • Category: Lifestyle
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  • Price: Free
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