Use Facet For a Minimalistic, Yet Multifaceted, iPad Stand – Hands-On Accessory Review


Back in October, we told you about a successful Kickstarter Project for the simple, yet useful, triangular iPad stand Facet. The stand has been funded, manufactured and shipped to shelves across the US. We were able to get our hands on one of these magnetic stands and have a hands-on accessory review for you.

The Facet is a triangular shaped stand with three varying angles that let you view your device in the most optimum angle for your needs. At 35 degrees, you can type on the tablet at the lowest angle. At 55 degrees, you can watch movies and read books while sitting. The 75 degree angle is perfect for lying down and watching movies or playing games because of it’s near vertical angle.

What makes Facet special is its sturdy structure, which allows users to set their iPad on uneven places without it tipping over. The heavy base and sturdy magnets keep the iPad in place. The small size makes it extremely portable and allows it to fit on even the smallest of counters.

Facet 3

The Facet is made with ABS plastic and embedded with neodymium magnets, which are the same magnets used in Apple’s Smart Cover. In fact, when you place your iPad on the Facet, you can hear the familiar, satisfying “click” of the two joining together.

When I first received the Facet, I snapped my iPad to it, right out of the box and it immediately slipped off. I thought the problem might have been that I had placed it on too uneven of a surface, so I put it on my coffee table and it did the same thing. After a more careful placement of my iPad, it sat securely in place, even on the cushion I had initially set it on.

I took it into the kitchen so that I could bake some delicious red velvet cupcakes for my friend’s birthday party. At 55 degrees, it was the perfect viewing angle for my countertop baking needs. It didn’t have any unwanted light reflection from above. At one point, I needed to move my iPad out of the way of splattering batter, so I gave it a gentle nudge sideways and my iPad slipped right off the stand again. Luckily, my hands were not covered in flour, so I was able to grab it before it plummeted to my kitchen floor.

Facet 2

After that kitchen episode, I’ve spent a little time with the Facet and learned a bit more about its particulars. While the magnets are strong, they are still just magnets. If separated, they lose their strength. I was trying to force my iPad to stick to the Facet like super glue without thinking about how the stand works. Once I realized the magnetic connection, I was able to be more careful with how I connected the two. I have not had any slippage since then.

While I love the minimalist design and portability of Facet, I don’t like the fact that the iPad can only be placed in one direction. Because of the magnetic connection, the stand only works on one side of the iPad. You can’t rotate it to portrait mode, or even flip it to the other side. You have to connect your iPad to the Facet on the only side with the magnetic connection.

Facet 1

If you use your iPad in Landscape mode most of the time, which I do, the limitations should not be too much of a problem. The connectivity takes a bit of getting used to. It is important to remember that the iPad sticks to the Facet with magnets, so you can’t just pull, push, and poke at your device without thinking about the consequences. Once you are comfortable with the stand, you won’t have issues with your iPad slipping off. However, I recommend putting your device on a soft surface the first time you use it, just in case it does slip off.

What I liked: The Facet is small, portable, and holds the iPad in place at comfortable viewing angles. It takes up very little room on your desk due to its tiny footprint.

What I didn’t like: While there is nothing that can be done about it, I do wish that you could stand your iPad in portrait mode. Even though it defeats the minimalist design, it seems like the stand could benefit from a small lip at the front of each angle to protect from accidental slippage.

The Verdict: If you are looking for a sturdy, sleep stand that doesn’t take up much room and is very portable, then you should check out the Facet.

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  • Company: ilovehandles
  • Price: $39.99
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