Show Your Love For Swampy and Perry in Where’s My Valentine – iPad App Review

Wheres my Valentine LogoEvery year, around Valentine’s Day, some of the major game makers add love-themed graphics, offer heart-shaped treats as add-ons, and sell you pretty pink dresses through in-app purchases. This year, Disney decided to go one step further with a dedicated Valentine’s day app featuring a dozen heart-themed puzzles from Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry.

Players can choose between playing with the water-loving Swampy or the airborne Perry in a sampling of puzzles based on each of their respective games. The biggest difference is that each puzzle includes a heart-themed obstacle course.

When you first open the app, you’ll see a box of chocolates and a fluffy teddy bear. If you choose the chocolates, you’ll play with Swampy in Where’s my Water. If you choose the teddy bear, you’ll help find shifty gnomes in Where’s my Perry. Each game includes six different levels.

Wheres my Valentine 6   Wheres my Valentine 5

The games are a lot like their namesake. Players must redirect water into a specific pipe by digging tunnels in the dirt, triggering moving objects, and filling up fountains. Each level has one main task plus one extra bonus.

In Where’s My Water, players try to collect three rubber duckies by redirecting water at them along their path back to Swampy’s shower. In Where’s My Perry, players do the same, but with gnomes instead. The Valentine’s Day Edition includes heart-shaped courses and plenty of pink, red, and purple lovey-dovey themes.

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The only thing wrong with this app is that there are no instructions. I have played both games in the original forms, so I knew what the goal was. However, new players would be completely lost. There is no tutorial or even goal explanation. Considering that Where’s My Water has been on the top 10 paid app list since it was launched in the App Store, it is unlikely that anyone with an iOS device doesn’t at least know something about the games, but it seems odd that Disney would choose to exclude any kind of how-to guide.

Overall, this is a fun game and a sweet way to get in the mood for the lover’s holiday in just a few days. If you are looking for some Valentine fun, you’re sure to find it here.

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What I liked: Each puzzle is fun and challenging. This is not an app full of simple first-level courses.

What I didn’t like: There should be some kind of help guide for those who have never played either game.

To Buy or not to Buy: This game is free to download. If you like Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry, you’ll love this little Valentine’s Day treat.

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