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asktheexpertIn last week’s edition of Ask the Expert, we had some great questions on watching YouTube videos offline, turning off Game Center, and using the Apple TV. This week we have even more useful questions for you, so check after the break to find out about recovering deleted apps, apps that crash, and how to fix iPads that play sound even when muted.

Lory asks: I deleted an app that is no longer in the App Store. How do I get it back?

iCloud syncing is handy, but this is one occasion when it doesn’t function better than a simple back up to your PC or Mac. The only way to recover an app that you have deleted that is no longer in the App Store is to reinstall it on your device using your computer.

The reason for this is that you need the physical app file to restore an app if it isn’t in the App Store, which means you need a PC/Mac copy of the app. This is only available if you have backed up your app to your computer. If you have done so, you can find the option to reinstall it in iTunes.

Amanuel asks: How can I download free movies and games on my iPad?

There are a slew of free games in the App Store that you can download, along with apps that provide free movie content. For example, the iPad app Crackle allows users to watch free movies. You can also check out ABC Player and NBC for free TV shows.

Check out our list of TV and video apps for more choices. We often highlight our favorite free games as well, like in this list that I recently wrote.

Ang asks: I am using a first generation iPad with iOS 5. Many apps (and Safari) often crash. I read that I should clear items off of the home page to stop it, but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

Having both Safari and apps crash is a common experience for most people. It is usually the fault of the app developer, rather than anything you are doing. Most apps, especially freshly released apps, have a bug or two that cause crashing. It’s worth noting that first generation iPad is now a three year old device. It has limited memory which may be the cause of the problems with Safari, and is becoming less and less supported by developers.

That said, if every app is crashing, it may have something to do with your iPad, and it would be best to get it checked out at the Apple Store, either in person or by calling Apple support.

Peggy asks: When I mute my iPad 4, many apps still make a sound. I have to turn the volume to zero even though the “bell” icon shows a line through it. Is there something wrong with my device?

I was having the same problem with my iPad mini, and this is because muting your iPad via the side switch only mutes specific sounds. It will mute alerts, notifications, sound effects, and game audio, but it does not mute media playback. So if your game or app has a video in it, the sound will play.

There are also apps that will ignore the mute functionality of the iPad entirely, which means the mute button won’t work. Because of this, I’ve chosen to use the side switch for orientation lock, controlling volume with the buttons instead.

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    How do I get movies that I already own to my iPad to watch?

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