This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Cordy 2

Cordy 2

Apple has been showcasing fantastic apps every week with the Editor’s Choice Award. Last week, we spent hours burning things to ashes with Little Inferno. This week, Apple picked Mod Cloth, which had only been in the App Store for less than 24 hours, and Cordy 2, the third in the Cordy series of games.

This side-scrolling platformer is full of fun and fantasy. Players control a TV-headed retro looking robot as he travels through different lands to save other bots from the enemy. Cordy will run up walls, fly through the air, and double jump to great heights to stop Boogaloo.

Cordy 2 2

Players control Cordy by touching a forward or backward button and a jump button. There are special machines in the game that will help Cordy swing across a gap, or teleport to another section of the game. When you are near one of these objects, an additional button will appear.

The graphics are fantastic. Cordy makes different faces depending on what he is doing. The levels are layers so that, sometimes Cordy is in the foreground and other times he is in the background. The soundtrack is fun and catchy without being annoying.

Cordy 2 3

Cordy 2 reminds me a lot of Paper Monsters, another great side-scrolling platformer that was well-received in the iOS world.

The first four levels are free to download, but to unlock the full game costs $4.99. Players can also buy adorable costumes for Cordy, like animal hats, or different colored bodies. Although, for five bucks, I wish the costume changes didn’t cost real money. It would be better if they could be earned with in-game rewards.
Cordy 2 1

I am a big fan of offering a sampling of the game for free. This is a great way to find out if you want to fork over the whole enchilada for an app. Instead of a “Lite” version and a separate full version, you can play the first few levels to see if it is you bag, and then buy the rest quick and easy while you’re right in the middle of playing.

It is easy to see that Apple Picked Cordy 2 as Editor’s Choice this week because of its beautiful graphics, classic game design, and clever sound track. This is an all-around entertaining app.

Cordy 2 4

You can download the first four levels for free in the App Store today. If you like the game, and I’m sure you will, the other 48 levels can be bought as an in-app purchase for $4.99.

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