Battle Other Drivers for the Top Spot in Table Top Racing – iPad Game Review

tabletopracingTable Top Racing is, by a wide measure, the cutest racing game that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. The game, which features miniature race cars on literal table top tracks, reminds me a lot of the small world perspective in one of my favorite games, Katamari.

This slick little racing game comes from Playrise Digital, the co-creators of Sony PlayStation’s popular racing series “WipEout.” Table Top Racing is a combat racing game, which means you can race all kinds of crazy cars and compete against other racers at the same time.

In the game’s first championship stage, you will race across the table of a Japanese restaurant in an ice cream truck, speeding past bottles of sake and plates of sushi. Your car is controlled by two arrows on the screen, which allow you to move left and right. If you prefer, you can also enable tilt motion controls, but the standard controls work well.


The camera in this game follows directly behind your car, putting you right in the heart of the race. You’ll experience every twist and turn like you’re really there sitting in the driver’s seat. You can also smash into other cars and employ weapons like lightning bursts to defeat other drivers, ensuring you come in first place.

Table Top Racing is organized into four different championships, which take place over eight different race tracks. Each one has an entirely custom look. You can also play in quick race mode and you’re even able to race against your friends in four player multiplayer battles.

After each level you will earn coins, which are used to purchase new vehicles and upgrade existing ones, adding enhancements like improved wheels and a better paint job.


Upgrades are important because this isn’t just a race – it’s a battle! The game has 10 upgradeable cars, 30 special events to experience, and a slew of power ups to discover. It’s incredibly fun, so if you love racing titles, I recommend giving Table Top Racing a try.

What I liked: The graphics are downright amazing. This is the best looking racing game that I’ve ever played. Seriously, it’s that gorgeous.

What I didn’t like: Table Top Racing doesn’t offer much in the way of manual controls. You can go left and right and initiate speed boosts, but there’s no manual acceleration and no brakes. It also tends towards being a bit too hard.

To buy or not to buy: Table Top Racing is a game that has all of the elements necessary for a hit racing title. There’s racing, there are time challenges, and there are other drivers to contend with. It’s the total package and well worth downloading.

  • App Name: Table Top Racing
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.3
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Playrise Digital
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:

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